Review of NDA’d iOS Work

One negative aspect of having worked at other agencies over the last four years is that much of my work is cloaked by Non Disclosure Agreements. Without breaking those agreements let me review at a high level the concepts and technologies of some of the projects I’ve recently worked with.

Project Green

A research project whose primary purpose involved verifying a larger project estimate and confirming feature viability related to iOS 10’s CallKit APIs. During this review also gained experience with Twilio’s audio and video APIs.

Project Orange

With this iPad app, related to the home construction industry, the user would take a photo and then augment it with custom drawing tools. I worked on this app through a few separate contract engagements doing various additions and improvements. Involved technologies: Networking, Image Caching, Custom File Persistence, Advanced Gesture Actions, Custom Drawing and Analytics (via Google).

Project: Red

An iPhone app to help people track the status and location of tools via Bluetooth. For this app I worked heavily on the custom theme and visual look of the app. I also helped to localize it into 20+ languages. Involved technologies: Core Bluetooth, Networking, Core Data, Advanced Auto Layout and Custom Drawing.

Project: Blue

A universal workout app for both iPhone and iPad. Built to help users run a specific workout sequence with video and audio cues. User also had tools to build custom workouts. Highly visual custom look and feel. Involved technologies: Core Data, Advanced Auto Layout, Animations, Custom Video Player and Custom Drawing.

Project: Yellow

A mobile platform, both tablets and phones, both iOS and Android. Doctors would use the tablets for visual aids while educating patients and build custom document packets for them. The documents would then be transferred to the patient’s phone app which also had custom tracking tools. Involved technologies: Core Data, Core Bluetooth, Animations, Address Book and Custom Charting Views.